Why do I need to set security questions?

While login in to dashboard, I received too many security questions. Why is it so?

As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting you from identity theft and fraud, we may ask you to set up a series of security questions and answers. This provides an extra layer of security to further authenticate your identity when needed.

All new members will be asked to set up their security questions and answers when they login to Trading Dashboard for the first time.

Members require to set answers to 3 questions of your choice as a onetime exercise. These answers will be known only to you and will be used to further authenticate your identity when needed.

Please ensure to enter answers and remember the answers in the exact way in which you have replied. This simple step for verification with these questions will secure your online account from fraudsters.

Incorrect inputs / typographical errors while entering responses to security questions will not allow you to change email.

Important Security Information:

  • Always keep your security questions and answers confidential – don't share them with anyone.

  • GCC will never ask you to confirm these questions or answers by telephone or email.