What is GEKKO ? and How it works ?

The Gekko trading bot is an open source software solution hat can be found on the GitHub platform. It was last updated a month ago, which seems to indicate it is still being actively developed. Using this automated trading bot seems rather straightforward, as it even comes with some basic strategies. It is not a high-frequency trading bot by any means, nor will it exploit arbitrage opportunities. With a good list of supported exchanges, Gekko could be worth checking out.

GEKKO Trade Bots

Trade Bots are the normal trade bot that is used for trading. These bots trade based on user selected indicators, protected by safeties, and can be insured to cover the costs fees. These bots are extremely customizable and you can use a combination of indicators to generate solid trade signals.

Bitcoin Arbitrage Bots

Bitcoin arbitrage bots are used to profit off of the price difference between many different currencies. They constantly search the market for price changes and buy/sell accordingly to generate you a profit.

Order Bots

Order Bots are highly customizable bots that execute when certain market conditions unfold. These can be chained together to automate highly customized trading strategies.

Script Bots

Script Bots are fully programmable bots that allow developers to create their own bots using our framework so that they do not have to write bots from scratch. The sky is the limit with Script Bots.