Where can I buy Ethereum in India?

I understand that there is very less information about how you can buy Ethereum in India. Well, that is because, at present, there are only a few options.

Buy BTC and convert is to ETH - Buy BTC from Zebpay (100 INR worth bitcoin free). After buying Bitcoin, head over to Coinbase and Changelly and create an account with them. The best thing is if you use someone’s referral ID, you get 10USD in your Coinbase wallet. Signup here to get 10USD.Changelly also credits you some money. Sign up link here

EthexIndia - Now, you can sign up with them today. Using, EthexIndia platform, you can buy Ethereum directly. But there is a problem. They are slow as tortoise. It takes them 4 weeks to approve an account. Furthermore, their support is slow too. Also, if you are thinking that if you directly buy Ethereum, you can save the conversion amount, then don’t. They actually include all the charges and at then end, you end up losing more money.

After creating the accounts, transfer BTC from Zebpay or Pockerbits account to your Coinbase account. Headover to changelly to convert BTC to ETH. Note down Changelly’s wallet address. From Coinbase, send them equivalent amount of BTC and after sometime, ETH will be credited to your Coinbase account.